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long weekend in the city... cramming for some swim training!

I haven't been diligent in my triathlon training lately. I've signed up for the 5150 Olympic distance triathlon in Bohol next weekend and I'm screwed. Since we decided to just stay in the city for the long weekend, I crammed for some swim sessions. Thankfully, Jenny was available to whip my ass. Hehehe

It was also a nice excuse to hit the pool in style with our Funkita swimsuits. Even Bella, Lucas and Popo joined in the funkita craze. Kidding aside, it was just nice to hit the pool. I'm considered a non-swimmer as I learned how to swim quite late and my technique is still very inefficient. Still, the past 3 days have been somehow enjoyable... tiring but enjoyable. Hope it's enough to help me survive next weekend's swim leg! :D
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