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dinner with dear friends :)

Colin and I hosted dinner for some of our friends tonight. Colin has been wanting to experiment with roasting chicken as he wants to have a nice Christmas roast for dinner. I was so happy he nailed it tonight. He also cooked mushroom and cheese risotto as well as a pizza from scratch. Yes, he made the dough himself. *wink*

dinner with friends... always a nice way to end a weekend :)

Anyway, I love spending time with athlete-friends outside the usual training and racing atmosphere. It's a great chance to just be and share stories that are non-sports. That can be quite refreshing. Add some dose of juicy chismis, and the evening just gets better! :D Even my little one had a ball tonight playing with Joaquin. We were all amazed on how quiet they both played. They were quite busy but they are relatively quiet kids without any screaming and shouting... just the way I like it! :)
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